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Advice ‘Save For Retirement’

Comments Off on Advice ‘Save For Retirement’ 16 May 2011

Young professionals have a multitude of things to worry about — paying rent, paying for cable, paying for food and trying to find ways to have at least a little semblance of life But what most young professionals forget about is the life after their career is over. Yes, one day the pain of working […]

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Trouble Finding Health Care?

Comments Off on Trouble Finding Health Care? 16 May 2011

Being young in New York City is fun and exciting for a young adult.  But we have all experience the bitter winters or harsh allergy inducing spring seasons that can plague the city.  Their effects can make even the healthiest individual could fall ill. But as a young professional you can face many hurdles in […]

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NPR Article Gives Advice for New Quarter-Lifers

Comments Off on NPR Article Gives Advice for New Quarter-Lifers 16 May 2011

A fresh batch of quarter lifers are joining the ranks of the American workforce as graduation season kicks off. A big congratulation is due to the class of 2011 and the hard work and long hours put in so they could graduate. But the road ahead is long but manageable. But unlike the quarter lifers […]

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Social Sports for Quarter Life New Yorkers

Comments Off on Social Sports for Quarter Life New Yorkers 16 May 2011

Remember the feeling of beaming a classmate square in the back? The feel of the textured rubber ball against your hand as you look around and pick your target or the feeling of finding that one person in the bar that you are too afraid to talk to?  What if I could tell you that […]

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Speed Dating Not Such a Bummer

Comments Off on Speed Dating Not Such a Bummer 16 May 2011

Dating is difficult. In New York City dating can prove itself even more difficult. So what is a young quarter lifer to do?  Well, if you happen to be single and looking for the next mister or misses here are a few things you can do in the big city to spark or resuscitate your […]

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